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Go Die 01:24 video
Thirty-something Horror High Neolithic decomposition Judging others you don't even know Failures preaching opposition Give up, give in, give away Slit your wrists Nonchalantly ostracizing Gothic dance-hall inquisition Blindly follow where others went Culture changing into religion Give up, give in, give away Kill yourself
Shadows 03:11 video
I love to walk among the flowers I love to sit among the stones Gray crosses placed above the arches Blue crystal panes adorn my home Now I see you at the alter Wish I'd never left you there In the silent snow of winter We used to walk together here Our love would never last forever Embers lanced these Oconee Hills Wish I had never pulled the trigger Wish I had never left you crying Confined to a lonesome world of shadows Wish I had never left you there
Monochopsis 02:37
Murky prescience in your eyes Betroth to ruin, hope to die Locked in a dead soul Heading for a free fall Smash cold waves below the ridge Slipping on stones bash the rock walls Its starting again Drops of rain scald my skin See me through to the other side Flay my love nothing to confide Prelude pray to misconstrue Turning over in your mind Forge me into something new Cover my tracks no love can find Blackened blue sky closing in Shimmer light stars, so divine Feel no mirth when I hold your hand Broken locks are my enemy Lock your doors I'll slither inside I'll cry again Forge my love I have nothing to disguise Look beyond this field of mud Footsteps in soil mixed with our blood Susurrous voice behind Bow my head, pray to the unkind
Deadweight 04:32
Evening coastline beckons me Weigh the confines of the seven seas A final sleep, deface tomorrow Wade to the deep, soften the deathblow Saline air ambience, descend in the dark Solitude transience, herein disembark Insensible movements, black water burns Erie obeisance, slow motion roil Squalid memories, deepening blue Release of agony, here waiting for you
Lost Girls 03:10
Splintered eyes to paralyze In the moonlight, we have insight Some hearts are old, our hearts are cold Black as night, we burn in sunlight Lost Girls Lack no agency Walkin down your street Show no hostility Dress so morbidly Crack the locks on the box Don’t be misled, we date the dead No time for hate, break the gate Fuck with us? We decimate! Chorus
I feel your anger, now look inside I feel no anger, never confide Set ourselves afire Wear our new fashion Smoke stings our eyes Let's dazzle the sun! I feel no anger, stand in the tide I sense your fervor, anchor denied I feel your languor, no meaning implied Broken mirrors, now look outside Roads lead to nowhere Ride like the wind Roads lined with red falls Hearts rot in the sun! Set ourselves afire Wear our new fashion Smoke stings our eyes Let's dazzle the sun!
ACAB 01:44 video
White trash cop still walkin free On a killin spree A wary demon stirs inside of me Rage inside Black and blue boys kill again Panteleo! You fucking racist bastard He can’t breath! He can’t breath! Subjugate, suffocate Close your eyes never look away Resuscitate, obliterate Close your eyes never look away Another victim falling down They did no wrong Serial killers wearing black and blue Gun pointed at you Fifty casings on the ground Legalized murder!!! Another white cop walkin free Fuck the police All Cops Are Bastards All Cats Are Beautiful
Infidels from the West, nobody will miss Machine guns loaded, cracking bronze fire bliss Death to devils, not of our kind Hatred to lure, delusions of mind I’ll die for my God You’ll die for my God We’ll die for our God Yaweh be damned Wind blown deserts make perfect graves Sand drifts quickly, hiding your face Pleads of mercy with every breath No soul in sight to witness your death Rope tied tight, pressure applied Terror screaming loudly, leaks from your eyes Drawn and quartered, blood soaks the ground Intestines pulled from your lifeless mound Chorus
Memories 02:39
I died twenty years ago, or was it a wish I had nothing to live for, no Valentine bliss In utter despair you called out my name Walking outside in the pouring rain Standing alone in the pouring rain You left me here to die I left you there to die I left you there to die You left me here to die I hate you I miss you I hate you I wish you were dead We worshipped each, other in nightmarish scenes with no happy endings, like all of my dreams Careless persuasion, my love did soon wane I stood in despair, drenched in cold rain You stood in despair drenched in cold rain You left me here to die You left me here to die I left you there to die I left you there to die I hate you I miss you I hate you Get out of my head!!!
Palomine 02:55
Is this our exaltation Heart skips to think of you Another year in deviation Pull the quilt and fade to blue Débarrasser le plancher! Is this our revelation The leaves are dying too Frigid air, no absolution Nothing left here to pursue Pedant! Is this our devastation Swiping screens in this black milieu Listless living, memoir in motion Another day calls death unto
Listen to the wind outside, ash and forests coming down Streets buried in mud, there's no one around Look at my watch in the dead of the night Still says 4:35... No, that can't be right Take a sip from my last bottle of gin Network is down and there's one shell left Tungsten slugs fall from the sky, the stars are black now Last bottle of oxygen is low, it's almost time now
Bottle 01:18
I sat there in the forest I slept there in the dark I woke up feeling chilly I couldn't make a spark This bottle in my hand Wants to fly so far So it can share its anger With the golden czar I wanna take a drive I wanna see them all I wanna drive all night I wanna see them fall I wanna speak my mind I want them to return I don't want them to listen I want to see them burn
Porcelain 03:32
A setting day a way to find a moment's peace for my weary mind A fleeting thought in film exposed Celluloid burns skin superimposed Awaken to a world shrouded in lies Sunday morning blues, masses euthanized Church bells ring, stained windows lie broken Daggers withdrawn, don't follow the reverent Don't follow the reverent Try and try to understand why the blood of the lord fuels bigots and men Time after time I look up and wonder Are we living in hell Pain, death here forever We've burned this bridge a thousand times Stepping lightly in a field of mines Path we've walked fill me with sorrow No love in my heart no hope for tomorrow No hope for tomorrow
Flow 03:43
Seem to know, seem to hope Seem to say, love will betray Frozen gaze, want to hope Need to say, your heart will break Speak to me, share what's inside Leak for me, frail souls collide Tied up in knots, luckless surprise Adulation, a curse in disguise Memories rise like a spark from the flame Our fingers smarting while we speak it again Secluded in dusk like sin from a saint Treasures conveyed, treasures to shame
Look up tonight see time dissolve Cold and biting winds of change pushing ever closer to the edge Burning worlds collapse holes black like our sun Tell yourself "there's no beginning," and chase the fear of your dreaded end One more heart the priest devours sleep in sickness, nothing is ours Tell yourself "there's no beginning," and chase the fear of your dreaded end Constant pressure rip your ties hold my hand while I remove your eyes There's no end in sight savored lies devolve Nothing matters anymore i felt the world and i want none Stabbing madly on my chest i want this life to end Whats the use in burning ears I'll drag you to the gates of hell Revel in fatality and leave behind your rotting shell Tell yourself "there's no beginning," and chase the fear of your dreaded end One more heart the dark devours sleep in sickness, nothing is ours Tell me how "there's no beginning," and tell me of your dreaded end gunshot echoes down the hall splatter red madness sliding down the wall But know that they can never own you hatred grows with tumorous swell Rise above their ill intentions sleeping men drink from poisoned wells Hear them now; screaming distant pleads A thousand shards of looking glass Falling like the Purest snow On a cold December's night You fade into nothing. Sleeping now with tortured grimace, final words come to rest A gentle smile takes their place fading fast in a serpents nest Fall prey to strange hypnosis; sickly odor fills the air Gaze into your emptiness into your lifeless shell Fleeting thoughts drift away you're moving closer still No question is left unanswered bottomless wells are never filled Tell yourself "there's no beginning," and chase the fear of your dreaded end One more heart the priest devours sleep in sickness, nothing is ours A thin line, glistening crimson line Reaching for new understanding Look up tonight See time dissolve


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released March 15, 2021


all rights reserved



Tears for ʇhe Dying Athens, Georgia

Athens GA deathrock / postpunk project originally formed 2003.

Booking: tearsforthedying@gmail.com


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